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ICONT is the brand with which Mechanotools LTD offers the packaging world a new benchmark in the production of food containers made of aluminum and plastics. The desire to meet the needs of an increasingly more demanding clientele, in terms of cost effectiveness, product quality and timeliness of response, led the Mechanotools team to a careful and rational design of the premises. The company has advanced technology and special production know-how, made available by thirty years of experience offered exclusively by Euromeccanica, a leader in mechanical engineering. The unique mold design intended to reduce consumption of raw materials, the careful study aimed at optimization of packaging space, the top automation both during production and handling and storage, make Mechanotools a futuristic reality in the landscape of world packaging.

The technology, offered exclusively by Euromeccanica, allows us to benefit of innovative tools and to obtain extra- ordinary products, which competitors will hardly replicate.