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We are committed to manufacturing high quality products, studying the design to limit the use of raw mate- rial. We have worked to improve the efficiency of the production facilities, to reduce energy consumption and material waste. We optimized the packaging, to deliver our products with maximum efficiency. We have worked to build a factory having the lowest possible level of emissions. We wanted production processes where water consumption and waste water was virtually zero.
Outside the perimeter of the plant, the noise impact of our machines had to be close to silence.
We wanted our waste to be the mini- mum possible and separated to the maximum extent.
And we succeeded!




The extraordinary results achieved in a few years have brought a troupe of TG1 Economia to realize an interesting report on our company.

See the report.

ICONT - Mechanotools srl: No. 1 in Italy

ICONT - Mechanotools srl: No. 1 in Italy and Europe's 50th in the ranking of the 1000 Europe’s fast growing companies!
During the period under review (the four-year term 2012-2015), our brand has led us to the top of the charts drawn up by the Financial Times.
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cares about
the environment

Respecting the environment
we achieved our goals.