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Icont is the brand with which Mecha- notools LTD offers the packaging world a new benchmark in the pro- duction of food containers made of aluminum and plastics.
The desire to meet the needs of an increasingly more demanding clien- tele, in terms of cost effectiveness, product quality and timeliness of re- sponse, led the Mechanotools team to a careful and rational design of the premises.
The company has advanced techno- logy and special production know- how, made available by thirty years of experience offered exclusively by Euromeccanica, a leader in mechani- cal engineering.
The unique mold design intended to reduce consumption of raw mate- rials, the careful study aimed at opti- mization of packaging space, the top automation both during production and handling and storage, make Me- chanotools a futuristic reality in the landscape of world packaging.




The extraordinary results achieved in a few years have brought a troupe of TG1 Economia to realize an interesting report on our company.

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ICONT - Mechanotools srl: No. 1 in Italy

ICONT - Mechanotools srl: No. 1 in Italy and Europe's 50th in the ranking of the 1000 Europe’s fast growing companies!
During the period under review (the four-year term 2012-2015), our brand has led us to the top of the charts drawn up by the Financial Times.
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