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This new item is ideal for take-away, like chicken with roasted potatoes. it can be closed with cardboard/aluminium lid.
It may be used as party bowl for sweet or salty snacks: chips, popcorn, candies…
Its elegant design, marked by tiny vertical ribs, enhances the strength and stability, making it aesthetically attractive.
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The extraordinary results achieved in a few years have brought a troupe of TG1 Economia to realize an interesting report on our company.

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ICONT - Mechanotools srl: No. 1 in Italy

ICONT - Mechanotools srl: No. 1 in Italy and Europe's 50th in the ranking of the 1000 Europe’s fast growing companies!
During the period under review (the four-year term 2012-2015), our brand has led us to the top of the charts drawn up by the Financial Times.
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