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Alufoil Trophy 2015

Submitted by admin on Thu, 03/28/2019 - 16:40

An aluminium platter range used for home meal preparation or catering service, which enables more convenient handling and excellent presentation of delicate food and dishes, has been given an Alufoil Trophy for Marketing & Design in the 2015 competition.

The trays, from Mechanotools – ICONT and Hydro Aluminium Slim of Italy, have a distinctive ‘boat-shape’ and enhance the wide range of dinner trays available by offering smooth contouring, created by a new 3D process. In traditional aluminium trays the container top edge is on a flat level.

In this 3D-Series of trays the containers' top profile is built on 3-axis, outlining a double-curvature surface, the first of its kind applied in moulding technology for aluminium containers, say the companies.

Explaining the award, head of the judging panel Jean-Paul Duquet, global packaging eco design manager of Bel Group, said, “This is a genuine shape change which shows off the aluminium foil to best advantage. It looks good, handles well and appears more stable than similar products. So it could easily be a trendsetter in what is a very mature market area.” Learning of the award Nelso Mazzer, owner of Mechanotools commented, “Our two companies are delighted to be recognized with the Alufoil Trophy in Marketing & Design. 3D is the latest, smart-designed line of food containers resulting from this partnership.”

“The combination of elegance and functionality is an excellent example of Italian styling and clear evidence that, in a seemingly mature market, there is still room for technological progress,” added Giorgio Tarulli, representing Hydro Aluminium Slim.

The trays come in three sizes 35, 45 and 55cm using aluminium alloy AA 8006 in gauges 105μm to 160μm.

The 3D-technology, which a patent has been applied for, allows the creation of containers with innovative geometrics. The trays are also equipped with comfortable ergonomic handles to ease the handling when the platters are filled.

Alufoil Trophy 2015
Alufoil Trophy 2015
Alufoil Trophy 2015